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New Road Map for Treating Exhaustion in Multiple Sclerosis

The Berlin Treatment Algorithm might help resolve the fatigue that many people with multiple sclerosis experience.

Being too beat to think, work, or sometimes even walk, many patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) find fighting fatigue a major burden. To lighten that load, a group of German experts have scrubbed the literature to review the latest findings on the excessive tiredness that afflicts 80% of people with MS. They then used these findings and earlier guidelines to craft an individualized approach to treatment, which they call the Berlin Treatment Algorithm.

“Fatigue is a major reason for early retirement, reduced employment, and poor quality of life in people with MS,” Christian Veauthier, MD, a neurologist at the Interdisciplinary Center for sleep medicine at the Universitatsmedizin Berlin, and his co-authors wrote in a paper published in the US last month.

Although studies find several suspected causes for the association of fatigue with MS, the underlying mechanisms are not well understood, according to Veauthier and his colleagues.

Read full article: New Road Map for Treating Exhaustion in Multiple Sclerosis

Read Full Article: New Road Map for Treating Exhaustion in Multiple Sclerosis

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