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One liver saved a life, changed a family

A liver transplant represents a new chance at life.

It’s every parent’s nightmare.

Brandy Dooley remembers like it was yesterday, the vision of her small, 42-pound 7-year-old strapped to a stretcher, surrounded by a team of paramedics and EMTs, racing their way to an airport for a flight to Atlanta—and an organ transplant.

Then the grueling, 14-hour surgery, the agonizing moment doctors wheeled him out of sight, the waiting. And waiting. The wave of relief when she finally hugged him again seemed seared on her heart, she said, and it still brought tears to her eyes.

“That first moment when you see him afterwards, it’s just like—and you still don’t even realize the weight of all of it until long, long down the line,” she said. “I think it was the longest day of my entire life.”

Dooley has experienced firsthand the blessings of organ donation; her now teenage son received a liver transplant almost 10 years ago when he seemingly out of nowhere went into liver failure. Now active in the transplant world through LifeShare of the Carolinas—a local organ pairing and patient advocacy organization—and in the wake of April as National Donate Life Month, Dooley said she hoped to raise awareness 365 days a year.

Read full article: One liver saved a life, changed a family | News | independenttribune.com

Read Full Article: One liver saved a life, changed a family | News | independenttribune.com

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