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One patient’s perspective: Stuck in the middle

A patient shares her story of having trouble getting medication for her psoriasis.

Melissa Withem Voss, from Waukegan, Ill., is 42 years old. A widower with three children, Voss was diagnosed at age 22 and has psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. She’s on Medicaid. This is her story:

Several years ago I was trying to obtain any biologic and was told that I would have to use step therapy.

I have been given several creams and ointments, but I have moderate to severe coverage, so one tube usually doesn’t help. I have found that with some medications, the pharmacy can only dispense a small amount because there would be additional payments needed in order to cover the full medication that I need.

At my physical worst, 97% of my body [was affected]. It took having that severe of coverage for the state to agree. I was placed on Cyclosporine in the hospital. I later had to go into a drug trial offered by my amazing doctor, Stephanie Mehlis, M.D., of NorthShore University Health System, Skokie, Ill. She tries to help as many psoriasis patients as she can by pairing them to trials.

It is amazingly stressful when your doctor and you agree on a medication choice but you are not be able to take it. Getting help from the government is a huge hassle in triplicate! There are so many forms and authorizations for the doctors to file and sometimes for the patient. It is a long waiting game to approve something that you and your physician feel is necessary.

Read Full Article: One patient’s perspective: Stuck in the middle | Dermatology Times

Read Full Article: One patient’s perspective: Stuck in the middle | Dermatology Times

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