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Out of bad comes good: three multiple sclerosis stories 

Three people with multiple sclerosis share their stories.

Lynn Long was standing beside his car just after showing a piece of property to a client on Battlefield Parkway in Fort Oglethorpe when his leg gave out. Days later a doctor told him he had multiple sclerosis.

“I was mad,” says Long. “I thought the doctor was crazy.”

Long walked out of the physician’s office and ignored his increasing symptoms for nearly a year. When it became apparent that something really was wrong, he found another doctor who sent him to the University of Alabama Medical Center for a thorough exam.

Long says he couldn’t believe he might have MS. “Everything was going my way. I was making good money as a real estate agent. I had just been elected chairman of the first Catoosa County Board of Commissioners. Life was good. Why would God do this to me?”

But the original diagnosis proved correct. “My left leg kept buckling,” says Long. “If I wasn’t close to something I could hang onto, I’d fall.” That was in 1993. Since then, Long’s attitude about his condition has changed tremendously.

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Read Full Article: Out of bad comes good: three multiple sclerosis stories – : News

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