Connecting You to Financial Assistance

Many, if not most, patients feel concerned about how to pay for treatment. Even patients with health insurance often find that there’s a significant gap between what the insurance company will pay for treatment and what the patient is expected to pay. The Patient Financial Assistance program at BioPlus works with you and for you to cover that gap and get your treatment funded through foundation grants, co-pay assistance, and donations.

NEW 2-Day Ready 2 Ship for BioPlus Patients

You’ll notice that BioPlus works with you differently than other specialty pharmacies. Our RxExpress service gets prescriptions from your doctor’s office to your door faster than most other specialty pharmacies, so you don’t have to wait to get back to living your life.

RxExpress starts with our 2-Hour Patient Acceptance Guarantee®, which ensures notification to physician offices in less than two hours whether referred patients are accepted for treatment through our specialty pharmacy. This guarantee expedites communication back to the medical practice to let them know if patients can be admitted (pending insurance qualifications).

Next up in the RxExpress fast service is our 2-Day Ready 2 Shipsm which promises to have prescriptions ready to ship to patients in just two days. All the while, our financial assistance department will be working on finding funding so that you can start and continue treatment.

Fast and Easy Assistance

  • BioPlus staff will ask you some questions to determine if you meet the income criteria for assistance.
  • We’ll let you know which supporting documents to send in with your application.
  • We will get any forms needed from your physician to complete the application.
  • BioPlus staff will call weekly with status reports on the application and to let you know if anything else is needed from you.
  • You will get a call when you are approved for financial assistance.
  • We’ll explain how much medication the assistance program will provide. After that amount of medication, we’ll let you know how much co-pay you will be responsible for and when that responsibility will start.
  • Recent federal 1040 form or
  • Social Security and/or
  • Pension Benefit Award Letter

If you are not an active patient with BioPlus and inquiring about financial information, please use our contact form.

Assistance Info Form

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Financial Assistance News

BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy’s ‘Pay It Forward’ Program Donates $250,000 to Patient Programs

BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy’s ‘Pay It Forward’ Program Donates $250,000 to Patient Programs

BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy, one of the nation’s leading innovative specialty pharmacies, has donated a quarter-million dollars to several non-profit patient assistance programs and connected patients to $27 million in patient assistance programs.
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Patient Foundations


million dollars in assistance 2018

BioPlus can connect you with patient foundations. We will even process your paperwork for foundation grants and co-pay assistance and stay on top of grant renewals to make sure your payment for treatment continues for as long as you need it.