Pink Ribbon Girls: Dos, Don’ts when supporting cancer patients

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Pink Ribbon Girls: Dos, Don’ts when supporting cancer patients

Advice from a hospice patient with cancer, along with the Pink Ribbon Girls, on what you should and shouldn’t say or do for a person battling cancer.

When it comes to Metastatic Breast Cancer, Pink Ribbon Girls can share more stories than they would like to admit. The Pink Ribbon Girls are a non-profit that provides free direct services to clients with breast and gynecological cancers.

It’s the harsh reality of the work they are in. Sixty percent of the clients the PRG currently serve are living with Mets Cancer. This means, 60 percent of the clients they serve will battle cancer for the rest of their lives. While treatable, there is no cure for Mets, and the treatment is often harsh and unforgiving.

Sadly, most people do not fully understand Metastatic Breast Cancer. So many clients will have to explain over and over again that there is no cure and that their treatment will never come to an end. It is not a condition that you can just “keep fighting” through just by staying positive.

Pink Ribbon Girls’ CEO Heather Salazar and Director of Marketing Sarah Gillenwater recently paid a visit to one of their clients at Hospice. As they sat and talked about the disease and the effects it is having on their client’s life and family, they asked her what advice she would give others that are also going through this.

“Live one day at a time,” she responded. “Don’t rush life. Anything can change in an instant and you can’t rely on everything to go smoothly.”

You’ve heard before that no cancer is routine. No two experiences are exactly alike, and because of that, people who are trying to be supportive do not always know how to respond and often say the wrong thing.

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