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March 31, 2017
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Possible New Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis

A cellular mechanism could play a significant role in multiple sclerosis.

In the relentless battle against multiple sclerosis (MS), U of A researchers recently discovered an entirely new cellular mechanism–an underlying defect in brain cells–that may to be blame for the disease, and a potential hallmark that may be a target for future treatment.

The finding opens the door to a brand new avenue of study in the battle against the cryptic autoimmune disorder that strikes more Canadians than any other nationality worldwide, said Fabrizio Giuliani, study co-author, U of A neurologist and medical director of the Northern Alberta MS Clinic.

“Scientists have been pointing to the mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell, as a possible link to MS, but have not been able to decipher how they malfunction. Ours is the first study that combines clinical and lab experiments to explain how mitochondria become defective in MS patients,” said Thomas Simmen, study co-author and cell biology professor.

Read full article: Possible New Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis – Neuroscience News

Read Full Article: Possible New Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis – Neuroscience News

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