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Province to start paying for hepatitis C drugs

The Canadian government has upped the number of people who can access hepatitis curing medications.

The government has significantly increased the number of people who can be cured of this potentially fatal, liver-destroying virus by adding some expensive new drugs to its Ontario Public Drug Programs and expanding eligibility to people whose livers aren’t as severely damaged.

“I hope everybody has access to it,” Dupuis, 64, said Monday as she described her remarkable response to a once-a-day pill called Harvoni. She developed hep C after a horrific car crash in 1986 required multiple surgeries and blood transfusions that turned out to be tainted. It took six or seven years to discover she had it. She was expecting it would eventually take her life.

She started on Harvoni — said to cost about $60,000, but in her case paid for by her husband’s drug plan — last spring and completed the one-pill-a-day regimen in October, with no side-effects.

“I just had my blood test Feb. 2 and I’m officially cured of hep C,” she reported. “It’s amazing.”

Read full article: Province to start paying for hepatitis C drugs | Windsor Star

Read Full Article: Province to start paying for hepatitis C drugs | Windsor Star

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