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Psoriasis: How I Told My Boyfriend

Informing a potential mate about a health condition can be stressful.

Marcus and I met while working at the same Ruby Tuesday in South Dakota when I was in my early twenties. I was a server, and he was a cook. At first, we were just friends. I had decided to take a year to be single and focus on myself. We would make small talk at work, but I don’t remember us ever even hugging. While wearing my work uniform of black pants and a long-sleeved, high-collared shirt, Marcus and my other co-workers couldn’t have noticed my psoriasis. Plus, I’d cover the small spots on my face with a little makeup. When I was about to move six hours away to start college at Minneapolis Community and Technical College, he asked for my phone number. We kept in touch, even though I was living five hours away, and slowly, our friendship grew into a relationship. Just about the day my calendar year of being single ended, he asked me to be his girlfriend. Dating long distance was hard, but we always made time to talk. We talked about absolutely everything. Except my psoriasis.
He now admits that when we worked together, he knew something was different about my skin, but he didn’t know what. He says he never felt the need to ask because it didn’t bother him, but he also had never seen me during a bad breakout. That is, until the first time I went to visit him in South Dakota.I had waited what felt like ages for winter break to come so that I could make the trip to see Marcus for the first time as boyfriend and girlfriend. It was going to be perfect, I told myself. I was ready to finally be in his arms, and the last thing I wanted to do was tell him how bad my psoriasis was. But I knew I would have to.Every year since I was 2, when I was diagnosed with psoriasis, I’ve had terrible breakouts throughout winter. The colder and drier the air, the more raised, red plaques appear on my skin. Some winters, I’m almost 90 percent covered in them. I knew the South Dakota weather I was driving straight into, where it can hit below 30 degrees, would wreak havoc on the breakout I was already having. I tried not to think about it, and instead focused on how excited I was to see my boyfriend after months of just texts and calls.

Read full article: Psoriasis: How I Told My Boyfriend | Women’s Health

Read Full Article: Psoriasis: How I Told My Boyfriend | Women’s Health

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