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Pushing multiple sclerosis off a mountain

A man with multiple sclerosis finds a way to stay active outdoors.

Nick Allen’s smile is pretty good. It’s one that cheers you up, puts you at ease and shouts “life”. It is a bright light, an extreme, but you just know it has to have another side to it. Spend time with the Palmerston North man and that’s what you will find; an eclipsing depth and the weight of some serious back story.

It’s a weight that Allen has carried since he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in his early 20s and it’s one he has pushed against, hauled around and pulled up some serious heights. And now after writing a book about his amazing journey he’s also realised that it’s OK to let that burden occupy a space beside him, rather than always on his back.

MS is a disorder of the central nervous system, which includes the brain, spinal cord and optic nerves responsible for our conscious and unconscious functioning. Movement and the response to sensations such as sight, touch and hearing can be restricted and for Allen this meant exhaustion, muscle pain, balance problems and a whole raft of issues. It meant a wheelchair and some pretty dark moments for a person who has always been innately connected to the outdoors.

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Read Full Article: Pushing multiple sclerosis off a mountain |

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