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September 21, 2017
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Real People With IBD Make Jobs Work for Them

Balancing a disease like Crohn’s with a workplace environment.

Besides sharing a small office bathroom and blowing through sick days, Dawn Engleman, a former children’s camp director in suburban Philadelphia, found eating with coworkers especially challenging while on the job. “It’s hard explaining to kids why I ‘get’ to eat unhealthy (no nuts, veggies, fruit, or fiber), or having them ask things like, ‘Can you eat that? Doesn’t it bother your Crohn’s?’” she says.

Cramps, frequent bowel movements, excessive fatigue. These common Crohn’s symptoms — along with the risk of hospitalization or surgery — make the idea of maintaining a full-time job seem impossible. But every day, in offices and workplaces of all sizes and settings, people with Crohn’s are making it work.

Read full article: Real People With IBD Make Jobs Work for Them | Everyday Health

Read Full Article: Real People With IBD Make Jobs Work for Them | Everyday Heal

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