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April 25, 2017
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Relapsing MS Patient Using Ocrevus: ‘I Feel Great’

Read about a patient who was one of the early ones to try a new multiple sclerosis medication.

Pamela Arterbridge is one of 70 people at Ohio State University’s Multiple Sclerosis Center taking part in the open-label part of a clinical trial for ocrelizumab, now best known as Ocrevus.  She is a patient of Dr. Michael Racke, who is a pioneer in the field of B-cell treatments for MS, and he talked with me earlier about his enthusiasm for these therapies.  Ocrevus became the first B-cell therapy approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in late March. It is a humanized monoclonal treatment and administered every six months via infusion.

Pamela, 46, lives in the greater Columbus, Ohio, area and was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting MS in 2015. She is a self-employed hairstylist, and being able to use her legs and hands are essential to her profession. She has now had three infusions of ocrelizumab, and says she is feeling so much better, and only has small reminders of the symptoms that once caused her so much pain.

Read full article: Relapsing MS Patient Using Ocrevus: ‘I Feel Great’

Read Full Article: Relapsing MS Patient Using Ocrevus: ‘I Feel Great’

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