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Richland veteran calls for Hepatitis C awareness

An Army veteran  seeks to raise awareness about hepatitis C.

Randy Valimont got a routine colonoscopy about a decade ago, maybe more.

The Army veteran was living in Las Vegas. After the test, he went on with his life.

Then several years later, after Valimont left Nevada for the Tri-Cities, he got a phone call that stopped him in his tracks.

The Las Vegas clinic where he’d gotten the colonoscopy used poor sterilization practices, exposing Valimont and dozens of other patients to Hepatitis C.

Valimont got tested, and he was infected.

Now 65, the Richland man is doing well. He took a course of the drug Harvoni and is cured.

As a result of his experience, he has a mission: raise awareness about Hepatitis C.

The liver disease can progress without obvious symptoms, and veterans are at higher risk than the general population.

“All veterans should get tested and treated,” Valimont said.

Hepatitis C can lead to long-term health problems, including liver failure and even death. It’s spread through blood-to-blood contact.

More than 3 million people in the U.S. have the disease.

Read full article: Richland veteran calls for Hepatitis C awareness

Read Full Article: Richland veteran calls for Hepatitis C awareness

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