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September 22, 2016
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Second Autoimmune Condition Possible for RA Patients

Those with autoimmune diseases are at higher risk of getting a second autoimmune condition.

People with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) or other autoimmune diseases have a high likelihood of being impacted with a second autoimmune disorder. The question is why?

Several explanations for the phenomenon were offered in a recent news report that presented data from multiple studies on the co-occurrence of autoimmune diseases.

Some studies suggested that genetic and immunologic mechanisms may contribute to co-existing autoimmune diseases. Environmental triggers may also set the manifestation of a second disease in motion.

There is strong evidence that autoimmune disorders share several symptoms, immune changes, and genetic factors. This indicates that they could have a common origin, which has stimulated research to find common genetic roots.

Polyautoimmunity is defined as the presence of more than one autoimmune disease in the same patient. The occurrence of three or more autoimmune diseases, however, is called multiple autoimmune syndrome (MAS). According to researchers, the syndrome may be more prevalent than previously thought.

Read Full Article: Second Autoimmune Condition Possible for RA Patients

Read Full Article: Second Autoimmune Condition Possible for RA Patients

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