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June 1, 2016
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Smart skin that acts like the real thing

A type of “smart skin” created from recyclable household materials could work as an effective artificial skin.

Using household items, engineers in Saudi Arabia have created a recyclable paper-based smart skin, capable of detecting temperature, humidity, pH, pressure, touch, flow, motion and proximity at 13 cm, according to a new study in Advanced Materials Technologies.

The study’s senior and corresponding author Muhammad Mustafa Hussain, Ph.D., says this is the first time a singular platform shows multi-sensory functionalities close to that of natural skin.

Dr. Hussain, associate professor of the electrical engineering, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Thuwal, Saudi Arabia, tells Dermatology Times that the development of artificial skin is an important goal in skin care, especially for wounded war, vehicle injury and acid victims. Since skin is mesoporous and covers a larger surface area, the artificial technology needs not only necessary sensory capabilities, but also should be made from affordable materials and by appropriate electronic device engineering to integrate sensory functionalities.

“In that sense, our demonstration shows the proper integration strategy for multi-sensory skin type platform creation, which can sense simultaneously and in an affordable manner,” Dr. Hussain says. “I believe that there will be more advent in this area based on our work and, soon enough, artificial skin mimicking natural skin will be developed, which can be connected to our neural system. Dermatologists can guide us (engineers) to innovate and to develop right ‘skin.’”

Read Full Article: Smart skin that acts like the real thing | Dermatology Times

Read Full Article: Smart skin that acts like the real thing | Dermatology Times

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