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January 5, 2016
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Steep price increases hit patients using dermatology drugs

Medication prices have risen steeply for some dermatology medications, including those that treat skin cancer and psoriasis.

For people with some skin cancers, Targretin gel is the drug of choice to treat it. However, a new study shows that over the last six years the price has jumped from $1,600 for a supply to more than $30,000, a 1,700 percent increase.

That’s not the only skin drug jumping in price. Carac cream, which is also used for skin cancer, saw a similar jump. The price of Oxistat, used to treat athlete’s foot and jock itch, jumped more than 600 percent. Two drugs used to treat psoriasis, Soriatane and Olux-E foam, jumped more than 100 percent in price each.

Joel White with advocacy group  Council for Affordable Health Coverage said price increases like that have lawmakers looking for solutions.

“Others have proposed price controls or importing drugs from Canada,” White said.

White believes a better solution is to increase competition.

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