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February 23, 2017
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Stress and MS

Tips for managing stress for those with multiple sclerosis.

When you live with multiple sclerosis, stress is unavoidable. Your first experience with the stress of MS is when you’re diagnosed. As you move forward, you begin experiencing not only “normal” stress, but also the stress of living with a chronic illness.

Stress can influence your mood, well-being and behavior. That’s why it’s important to learn ways to manage it. Long-term stressors can do damage to your health.

Last year was a difficult year for our family, so managing stress has been on my mind. That’s why I was excited to be part of an informative webinar aimed at educating the MS community about stress and how to tame it.

Developed in partnership with the International Organization of MS Nurses (IOMSN), the premier international organization focusing on the needs of nurses involved with MS care, education, research and advocacy, and the Delaware Media Group, “Managing Stress and Multiple Sclerosis: We Can’t Always Avoid it So How Can We Better Control Our Stress Levels?” is a 30-minute audio slideshow you won’t want to miss.

Presented by Megan Weigel, an advanced nurse practitioner, doctor of nursing practice and IOMSN’s president, you’ll find answers to your questions about stress while coming away with a new resolve and understanding of how to live with it.

Read full article: Stress and MS: Webinar from IOMSN Helps Manage Daily Stress

Read Full Article: Stress and MS: Webinar from IOMSN Helps Manage Daily Stress

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