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February 16, 2017
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February 16, 2017
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Strong Kids News

A family shares their story of a child with Crohn’s disease.
Isabella Venture’s softball glove hadn’t moved in weeks. Her soccer ball rested in her bag, along with her cleats and the rest of her gear. The eight-year-old’s passion for playing the piano was dwindling. Her health was deteriorating. The once energetic child was laboring just to get out of bed every day. Her constant battle with strep throat and other ailments had caused her to lose nearly 20 pounds and lose interest in the things she had loved.
“She had a lot of strange symptoms,” said her mother, Bethany. “She had strep throat and a fever and she was never the same after that.”
In April 2016, Bethany brought Isabella in for an appointment with her pediatrician where she was diagnosed with strep throat. However, when she didn’t recover, and began to lose weight, Bethany began to worry. Even after resolution of her strep throat symptoms, she continued to have daily fevers, abdominal pains, decreased appetite, weight loss, progressive fatigue and recurrent mouth sores which made Bethany worry. Blood work revealed persistent elevation of blood inflammatory markers and iron deficiency anemia.
“We were visiting our pediatrician weekly running all sorts of different tests,” Bethany said. “Her pediatrician was testing for every disease that we could think of and we had crossed off a lot of the autoimmune diseases, and the next person we were referred to was the gastrointestinal (GI) team at Golisano Children’s Hospital.”

Read full article: Strong Kids News – Giving to Golisano Children’s Hospital – University of Rochester Medical Center

Read Full Article: Strong Kids News – Giving to Golisano Children’s Hospital – University of Rochester Medical Center

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