Putting Hepatitis C In the Rearview Mirror

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June 25, 2015
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Putting Hepatitis C In the Rearview Mirror

Kelly, a mother of three and a grandmother of three, first learned of her hepatitis C diagnosis more than a year ago. With her job in a hospital, she instantly understood she was facing a battle for her life against hepatitis C. If Kelly had her way, this disease would already be in her rearview mirror, but because her health insurance denied her prescription for medication – it took more than a year for her to even start treatment. Without BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy, it wouldn’t have started at all. 

Kelly’s doctor prescribed a combination of three medications to treat her hepatitis C: Sovaldi, Ribapak, and Pegasys. Yet her health insurance company denied the medications. Confused and scared, Kelly appealed the decision, but was denied again. After this process was repeated a few times, a nurse at her doctor’s office suggested that she contact BioPlus to see if we could smooth the path to getting Kelly the live-saving treatment she desperately needed. 

“I had just about lost hope of getting treatment for my disease when I was encouraged to call BioPlus,” Kelly remembers. When she got the call from BioPlus that her treatment with all three medications was ready to start, she almost couldn’t believe it; it was the best new she’d gotten in years. Her Sales Assistant at BioPlus enrolled Kelly in manufacturer programs to get the medication to Kelly in spite of her health insurance denials. 

“Without BioPlus, I’d still be sick today, waiting for more denials and slipping deeper into depression,” shares Kelly, “honestly, without BioPlus’ support, I probably would have given up by now.” 

Instead, she is part-way through her treatment process and well on her way to being cured of a disease that could have killed her. “With my grandbabies, I have a lot to live for – I want to be around for a long, long time. Thanks to BioPlus, now I can. I simply don’t have the words to show how thankful I am for everything BioPlus did for me when it looked like there was no hope.”