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February 3, 2017
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February 3, 2017
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The 12 signs of cancer no man should ignore 

What are the signs of cancer in men?

Men: You’ve heard it a million times but there’s a reason why you should not ignore any symptoms of cancer.

Cancer is a disease that, depending on the type and area of the body it begins in, is a foe you cannot simply wish away. Cancer cells are different from normal cells in many ways. Cancerous cells can grow out of control, becoming invasive very quickly.

Spreading throughout the body, cancer cells can take over by forming abnormal cells that can clump together, forming a mass of tissue called a tumor. Malignant tumors invade surrounding tissue, spreading into nearby organs where they can cause serious and very likely fatal damage.

The sooner a man recognizes possible symptoms of cancer and gets it checked out, the better the chances of survival. Early diagnosis is key, and the best weapon men have is to know signs of this deadly disease and to not ignore the warning signals cancer is giving.

Read full article: The 12 signs of cancer no man should ignore – NY Daily News

Read Full Article: The 12 signs of cancer no man should ignore – NY Daily News

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