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February 15, 2017
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February 16, 2017
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The gifts that cancer gave me 

Can cancer bring a silver lining?

My Dear Readers,

Well, I’ve been looking forward to writing to you all with good news…and of course, I was always having to prepare myself that that day may never come…

However, miracles do happen every day, and I am one of them.

I am in remission from my Ovarian Cancer!

Remember my writing to you in September about my ordeal with having Ovarian Cancer since the end of June? And to make matters worse, that I had gone to my OBGYN of over 26 years in November of 2015 and made a special appointment with him in his office to tell him that as he knew how very intuitive and aware of my body I’d always been, and that I was one of those who ate healthy, and exercised every day, that I was convinced that I had Ovarian Cancer.

Especially with my horrible family genetic history of BRCA 2, my father having had breast cancer twice, my only sister having had breast cancer, plus many more family members having BRCA 2 various cancers, and having unending weird pains in my ovarian region and having worse constipation than normal, it was shocking and dismaying that he just looked at me and said that I looked like a specimen of health and beauty and that he did not believe I had anything seriously wrong with me. (FYI – if this ever happens to you or a loved one, run as fast as you can out of their office and go get a second opinion!)

But of course, the truth catches up with you…and the following June my world turned upside down – and everyone’s I knew. Me, the one who did handstands every day, who was the one who said yes to dogsledding near the arctic, who had a booming, fulfilling business where I helped men and women find their confidence and strategies to find the love and life they’ve always dreamed of, and I myself had the life I’d always dreamed of, was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer Stage 3C/4, and given less than a 50% chance of living one to three years.

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