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The Hidden Costs of Multiple Sclerosis

There are hidden costs of having multiple sclerosis.

MS is sneaky. It is expert at evading detection and diagnosis, and often brings a host of invisible symptoms that may come and go at random. MS also brings invisible costs — expenses beyond the obvious medications, supplements, assistive devices, and healthcare.

I am not talking about externalities, such as costs to my employer, co-workers and clients when I take sick days. Or the emotional costs to my family and friends when I cancel plans. Or the cost to society when someone drops out of college, quits a job, or gets divorced because of MS. It’s true that MS takes things away from our society, community, and family when it takes abilities away from us. But those aren’t the costs I’m talking about this time. These invisible costs are actual dollars out of my bank account.

Read full article: The Hidden Costs of Multiple Sclerosis

Read Full Article: The Hidden Costs of Multiple Sclerosis

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