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March 24, 2016
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March 24, 2016
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This Handheld Microscope Can Screen For Cancer

A new tool offers a less invasive method of diagnosing cancer.

When doctors suspect a malignant tumor or feel a suspicious growth, they can begin investigating for cancer with blood and urine tests. But to be certain a patient has cancer cells in his or her body, clinicians usually need to perform a biopsy. This means pulling tissue, bone marrow, or cells from the body to take to the lab and analyze.

A new microscope being developed is set to change that. The technology, detailed online in Biomedical Optics Express earlier this month, serves as a real-time diagnostic tool, imaging cancer cells just below the surface of skin or exposed tissue, without the invasive procedures.

 The new handheld microscope uses tiny mirrors and optical beams to zoom in and quickly create image scans at the cellular and subcellular level. With pictures about 50 times smaller than a human hair, it can image moving blood cells at 16 frames per second.

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