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This Simple Cancer Test Comes With a Big Caveat

Experts debate if all new potential cancer tests are beneficial.

Can your own biology mislead you about your cancer risk? For all practical purposes, yes, according to a group of experts at a Wednesday panel during Fortune‘s second annual Brainstorm Health conference in San Diego.

The session centered on the hot new technology of “liquid biopsies”—a fancy term for blood tests that can potentially supplant traditional, surgery-based tissue biopsies by sensing tell-tale biological markers and tiny little DNA fragments that circulate through the body. As panel moderator and Fortune editor in chief Clifton Leaf noted, the technology has gained enough interest and progressed enough in recent years that one of the biggest cancer conferences in the world featured more than 130 papers and studies on it last month.

Guardant Health, helmed by panelist Helmy Eltoukhy, made a splash at another big cancer-focused conference last year when it unveiled clinical trial results showing the firm’s liquid biopsy platform detected disease-associated genetic mutations that were also present in 94% to 100% of the solid tissues extracted from the study’s subjects.

Read full article: This Simple Cancer Test Comes With a Big Caveat

Read Full Article: This Simple Cancer Test Comes With a Big Caveat

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