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January 16, 2017
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Using data science to beat cancer

The battle against cancer remains frustratingly complex.

The complexity of seeking a cure for cancer has vexed researchers for decades. While they’ve made remarkable progress, they are still waging a battle uphill as cancer remains one of the leading causes of death worldwide.

Yet scientists may soon have a critical new ally at their sides —  intelligent machines — that can attack that complexity in a different way.

Consider an example from the world of gaming: Last year, Google’s artificial intelligence platform, AlphaGo, deployed techniques in deep learning to beat South Korea Grand Master Lee Sedol in the immensely complex game of Go, which has more moves than there are stars in the universe.

Those same techniques of machine learning and AI can be brought to bear in the massive scientific puzzle of cancer.

One thing is certain — we won’t have a shot at conquering cancer with these new methods if we don’t have more data to work with. Many data sets, including medical records, genetic tests and mammograms, for example, are locked up and out of reach of our best scientific minds and our best learning algorithms.

Read full article: Using data science to beat cancer | TechCrunch

Read Full Article: Using data science to beat cancer | TechCrunch

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