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Vitamin D May Help Prevent, Treat Multiple Sclerosis

For women, levels of vitamin D could affect multiple sclerosis.

Ever want to blame someone for your multiple sclerosis?

How about blaming a natural substance?

Vitamin D has long been associated with multiple sclerosis (MS). Many people with MS appear to have lower levels of the substance compared with those who don’t have MS.

But evidence is mounting that vitamin D may be a safe and effective way to treat, and even prevent, the disease.

Low levels of vitamin D have been associated with MS relapses and disease progression. A study led by the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH), concluded that low levels of vitamin D could predict disease severity and accelerate its progression in people in the early stages of MS.

Another study made the connection between neonatal levels of vitamin D in mothers and the risk of developing MS, showing the possibility that preventing MS could involve taking the right supplements during pregnancy.

Read full article: Vitamin D May Help Prevent, Treat Multiple Sclerosis

Read Full Article: Vitamin D May Help Prevent, Treat Multiple Sclerosis

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