What Your Wellness-Minded Friends REALLY Want This Season: The 2018 LIVESTRONG Holiday Gift Guide

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What Your Wellness-Minded Friends REALLY Want This Season: The 2018 LIVESTRONG Holiday Gift Guide

Don’t know what to get your fitness-loving family member? The Livestrong team is here to help you out with this gift-guide!

1Ten Thousand Distance Shirt and Foundation Short

Made from premium, durable fabric and featuring a breathable feel, the Ten Thousand Distance Shirt and Foundation Short are great presents for any sweat sesh-loving guy. The top is extremely lightweight and its polyester microfiber material glides over the body and can accommodate any sort of movement a heavy workout might bring about. “It doesn’t stick to your skin or get caught and bunched up in places due to movement,” software engineering senior manager Joe Ramos said.

The shorts feature a board short drawcord and secure pocket, which allow for a secure and tight fit, not to mention, much-needed storage space. “These shorts are by far the best shorts I’ve worn for working out,” Ramos said.

2Marc Pro Plus

Take your workout-loving friend to the next level with the Marc Pro Plus — an electrical stimulation device that assists in rapid recovery and reduces pain. It works by applying electrodes over various muscle groups and adjusting the intensity. And, according to our software engineering senior manager Joe Ramos, the entire process feels like a massage. “I felt the recovery equivalent to two days’ worth of rest,” Ramos said. “I’d recommend wearing this while you catch up on some TV. Or self-reflecting while listening to some calm music with your eyes shut.”

3Jaybird Tarah Wireless Sport Headphones & X4 Wireless Sport Headphones

The Jaybird Tarah and X4 Wireless Sports Headphones are Bluetooth in-ear headphones designed for athletes and adventurers. The Tarah holds a charge of six hours and the X4 can hold up to an eight-hour charge, making both options perfect for a day of indoor (or outdoor) active adventures. The earbuds are customizable, with multiple sizes available — and the Jaybird app walks users through the fitting process. “My favorite part of these headphones is their long battery life,” says senior graphic designer Gracie Wilson. “I’m used to showing up to the gym only to find my headphones are dead after two days, but these last much longer.”

4Senita Athletics Activewear

Senita Athletics is a small fitness clothing brand whose goal is to “provide durable, fashionable and functional products” while keeping the cost reasonable. Senior graphic designer Gracie Wilson put their workout clothing through a hefty test, rocking this outfit to Spin, sprinting and weight-training classes. “The clothes are so comfortable, affordable and cute,” she says. “The leggings are completely squat-proof, high enough for tummy control and have a convenient pocket for your phone.” Wilson’s favorite part of the outfit? The Sarah Sports Bra in Bahamas. “The cup inserts add extra support and the pattern is so unique,” she says. Paired with the High Waisted Pants in Black and Bestie Zip Up Hoodie in Stripe, this outfit is full of personality.

5Stealth Fitness Core Trainer

Planks are one of the most important core workouts you can include in your fitness routine. They’re also, admittedly, just the worst. Does anyone out there actually enjoy planking? Well props to you if you do, but for your less enthusiastic planking friends, such as product designer Eli Sabah, there’s the Stealth Fitness Core Trainer . The board features a space where you can put your phone and “play” strength-training games while working out using the phone’s accelerometer. “After using it for a week, I can honestly say it’s one of the better ab workouts I’ve gotten,” Sabah says. “The games aren’t fancy, but it does take your mind off of how long you’re planking and gives you a tangible score to beat.”


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