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Why Staying Informed About Multiple Sclerosis is Important

Stay informed about the latest multiple sclerosis science and treatments.

A lot has changed in multiple sclerosis research and treatment since I was diagnosed 30 years ago. Here are a few things I was told origi1nally that are no longer true:

  • There’s less than a 1% chance for a child to inherit their mother’s MS.
  • The first two years after diagnosis maps the course of the disease.
  • The greatest medicine is bedrest.
  • Yoga, tai chi, and meditation have no proven benefits for an MS patient.

I didn’t receive bad advice from my first neurologist. But, after looking back, it sounds off-the-wall and barbaric. Today’s research has changed the MS climate and newly diagnosed patients are, thankfully, the beneficiaries.

I tell newly diagnosed patients they are diagnosed at a good time. They’re blessed to have choices of medications. There’s a variety to choose from — injectable, oral or infusions — and people are no longer told, as I was, to go home and rest. Steroids are not the only option for treatment.

Read full article: Why Staying Informed About Multiple Sclerosis is Important

Read Full Article: Why Staying Informed About Multiple Sclerosis is Important

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