Why This 15-Pound Weighted Blanket Is Part of My Anti-Anxiety Routine

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Why This 15-Pound Weighted Blanket Is Part of My Anti-Anxiety Routine

Say goodbye to anxiety and hello to a better night sleep with this oversized knit gravity blanket!

There’s a lot of scientific evidence showing that anxiety and sleep are closely connected. I often sleep better on days when my anxiety is at bay. When I’m ruminating on something, or several things, I tend to wake up more often or it takes longer to get back to sleep.

Sleep problems can also cause anxiety, too. For me, a bad night’s sleep exacerbates my anxiety.

Fixing my sleep problems isn’t only important for myself, but also for my marriage. Because I’m a restless sleeper and my husband constantly moves at night, we often have difficulty sharing our queen-size bed.

I’ve tried everything in the book to get more restful sleep: a white noise machine, Xanax, earplugs, and therapy. The white noise machine occasionally rattles and is difficult to travel with. The Xanax leaves me feeling groggy when I wake up the next day. The earplugs are uncomfortable. Therapy has helped me manage my anxiety, but it serves as more of a long-term strategy than a daily tool.

A month ago, I realized there was one thing I hadn’t tried yet: a weighted gravity blanket. I read about their magical ability to calm anxious people so that they’re able to get a deep, restful night’s sleep.

Would this finally be the cure to my sleep problems?

The science supporting gravity blankets

Weighted blankets create deep pressure touch, which is thought to help calm the nervous system of people in states of sensory arousal. This is the theory behind why some children with autism may respond to the use of weighted blankets or vests during moments of sensory overload.

The calming benefits of weighted blankets are supported by some research, too. One small study tested the effectiveness of weighted blankets in adults in 2006. The results were staggering: 63 percent reported lower anxiety after use, and 78 percent found the weighted blanket an effective calming mechanism.

Another study concluded that weighted blankets led to a calmer night’s sleep for people with insomnia.

However, the small size of these studies and the nature of their design has some sleep experts calling for more studies to scientifically validate claims that gravity blankets can help with anxiety and sleep.

Read on: Why This 15-Pound Weighted Blanket Is Part of My Anti-Anxiety Routine

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